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Ugg Boot Dry Cleaning

UGG Twinface sheepskin boots and slippers, because of their warmth and comfort, may cause you to never want to take them off. However, the constant wearing will lead to dirt, grime and odors. Although tempting, tossing your investment into a home washer or dryer is a huge no-no. This will lead to irreparable damage.

Sheepskin Boots Cleaning Services

Because sheepskin has a delicate surface, Ugg footwear is individually hand cleaned using approved suede detergents and conditioners. Like any fine garment, sheepskin is delicate and not all stains can be prevented or removed. Once cleaned and conditioned, the footwear is stuffed to retain its shape through the drying process. Boots are allowed to dry naturally in a climate controlled environment. Sometimes UGG’s will shrink slightly after cleaning. This is normal and you can expect them to stretch back out when you wear them. Once dry, our specialists work to revive the luster and stain repellency of your twinface sheepskin boots. Finally, your UGG’s are deodorized, stuffed with tissue paper, brushed with a specialty suede brush to groom the nap and made ready for you to pick up. Quality cleaning cannot be rushed, so please allow 3 weeks for us to complete the cleaning of your footwear.

Ugg Boots Before Shores CleaningUgg Boots after Shores Cleaning

Ugg Boots Before Cleaning and Care 2Ugg Boots after cleaning and care 2


  • Keep them away from extreme elements, such as rain and snow, to keep them in tip-top shape
  • Some UGG insoles are washable – you can also purchase replacement insoles for them – so if your boots have an odor problem only consider washing the insoles or replacing them
  • DO NOT put UGGS in a washer or dryer ever
  • If your UGGs have a grease stain, try applying chalk or talcum powder to the stain and let them sit overnight. This often absorbs most of the stain and makes it unnoticeable.
  • No need to purchase the over-the-counter stain protection. To help your UGG’s look better, last longer, and require fewer cleaning sessions: bring them to Shores immediately after purchase so we may apply a suede protection to them.