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Shores Cleaners Testimonials


On March 3rd, an employee of my husbands approached him asking if he knew of anyone that could help her with her wedding veil.  She wore it 25 years ago on her wedding day, and now her daughter wanted to wear it on her wedding day which was just three months away.  The problem was that Lori never had the veil cleaned or preserved after wearing it; she simply stuck it in a plastic bag and stored it away, and now, sadly, the lace and sequins had yellowed to the point that it couldn’t be worn.

Of course, I knew someone that could help her; I just called Brian, and he fixed it.  Truthfully, it wasn’t quite that easy.  First, I failed to mention that she lives in Tennessee, so initially he had to offer expertise only by seeing photos.  After receiving the shipped veil, Brian had to disassemble it and hand clean each component separately.  Once he was satisfied with the results, the veil then had to be put back together and shipped back to Lori in time for her daughter’s first fitting on April 7th.     

Lori’s reaction when she saw the veil?  More than pleased.  “I am so happy with my veil!” she exclaimed.  “It came out perfectly to match my daughter’s dress.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”  She went saying, “I am very grateful to you, Brian, and Shores Fine Dry Cleaning for bringing my veil back to life and making it look new for my daughter on her wedding day!”


Wedding Wire 2016 Couple's Choice Award winner Shore's Fine CleanersWeddingWire, the largest and most trusted online wedding connections marketplace for soon-to-be-wed couples and party organizers, annually recognizes the top 5% of local wedding professionals who display excellence in the areas of quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. The best part of this recognition is that it is determined by recent reviews from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds.

We are honored that so many brides and mothers of brides felt compelled to share their wonderful experiences at Shores Fine Dry Cleaning. We welcome and appreciate customer feedback and knowing that their gown was perfectly pressed for their big day or properly preserved for the future makes us feel great joy and pride. As a result of the delightful feedback, has names Shores Fine Dry Cleaning as one of the 2016 WeddingWire Couples Choice Awards Winners for Best Dress & Attire in North Carolina. We are extremely flattered to receive this distinction, but more importantly, we are honored that you would trust us with such a prized possession.


Happy Couple, Wedding Photo, Wedding Dress Cleaning, Preservation, Garment CareJulia has been a loyal customer for years, so much so that even though she got married and lives in Alabama, she mailed her wedding gown to us for cleaning and preservation! Here's what she had to say about us:

"Good dry cleaners are hard to find, so I'm lucky to have found Shores Fine Dry Cleaning. I would send any important garment to Shores for cleaning. He did all of my dry cleaning when I lived in Winston-Salem and I even used to mail my clothes to him when I moved to Charlotte, because they would always do such an excellent job! When I got married I knew they had to be the one to preserve my dress."

Read more about her wedding on our Association's website;
Real Bride Spotlight - Julia

Photographer Credit: Arden Photography


Happy Bride, Wedding Dress Clean, Preserve, Winston-Salem NC Here's what Janet, a bride who recently brought us her wedding dress to clean and preserve, has to say about us;

"Shores Fine Dry Cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC has an excellent reputation in the area. Their experience with fine clothing, including wedding dresses and other formal dresses, gave me confidence that they would do a great job. Shores also cleaned my dress prior to my wedding as it had yellow spots, including a large darkened area from age, and they did an excellent job with it. My dress was whiter than when my mom wore it 30 years before!

Read about her wedding on our Association's website; Real Bride Spotlight - Janet


Photographer Credit: Renee Saunders, Millie Holloman Photography



Miss North Carolina USA trusts Shores Fine Dry Cleaning to restore her finest

Recently; the reigning Miss North Carolina USA, Nadia Moffet, chose Shores to restore the evening gown she wore in the Miss U.S.A. pageant in Las Vegas, NV. It was heavily soiled from stage debris and cosmetic products as you can see from the photos of the gown before cleaning. With diligence, each stain was removed and Miss North Carolina’s gown was restored to near pristine condition.

Miss North Carolina Wedding Gown, Pageant Dress, White Clean Preserved GownDirty Dress before cleaning with stains on the trailPristine Preserved Wedding Dress, Post Cleaning, Shores Fine Cleaners


K. Ownley (Clemmons)

“My daughter has always wanted to wear the wedding dress that I wore and that my mother wore. It was made by my grandmother as well and a real heirloom to us. When the time came for her to wear it we pulled it out of the box only to find some huge brown stains all over it. I thought the dress was ruined! We took it to Shores and Brian looked at it. He said he would be able to get it clean with their special restoration process. I was a little concerned because the dress is 55 years old but they did an amazing job. The stains were gone and the dress was whiter than when I wore it! Brian and his staff could not have been more pleasant to work with. From cleaning to altering and now preserving for the next generation, I highly recommend Shores Dry Cleaners! You will be very happy!”

Wedding Dress passed from generation to generation thanks to Shores Fine Cleaners preservation, restoration and cleaning


L. Kennedy (Winston-Salem)

“Just picked up my white dress I had cleaned. Now I know why they are recommended by my friends. Great customer service and wonderful smiles. Clean dress no more grass stains!”

J. Jones (Atlanta, GA)

“Highest standard of quality- TWICE! - I used Shores fine Dry Cleaning for all of my clothing care for years when I lived in Winston-Salem...and they took such great care of my clothes that I even mailed them to Brian for dry cleaning when I moved away to Huntersville! I also had my first wedding dress - a slipper satin Vera Wang - cleaned and preserved with them in 2006...I later sold the dress and the bride who wore it said it was so greatly cared for that it was as though she had a perfectly new dress. For my second (and LAST!) wedding dress, I knew Shores had to be the ones to take care of it as well. Brian and all again provided the highest level of customer service and professionalism...I mailed the dress from Atlanta and just received it last night...again perfectly and beautifully packed and sealed. The dress is a beautiful and very delicate Vera Wang with layers of tulle and horse hair and a horse hair sash...I'm grateful to know it was in good hands and now I can save it as a treasured keepsake and memory from our wedding. Many, many thanks to Brian and the awesome Shores team...I absolutely could not recommend them more highly!”