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As a cherished legacy of quality and caring service, we proudly stand as North Carolina’s premier dry cleaning establishment. Impeccable results and surpassing expectations are our hallmarks. Join the Shores Fine Dry Cleaning family and witness the difference firsthand.

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So pleased with the cleaning and preservation of my daughter’s wedding gown. I was almost positive some stains wouldn’t come out, but they worked some magic and it looks to be never worn. Preserved to pass along to a granddaughter, hopefully in our near future!

-Vickie B.

Good dry cleaners are hard to find, so I’m lucky to have found Shores Fine Dry Cleaning. I would send any important garment to Shores for cleaning. He did all of my dry cleaning when I lived in Winston-Salem and I even used to mail my clothes to him when I moved to Charlotte, because they would always do such an excellent job! When I got married I knew they had to be the one to preserve my dress.


Shores Fine Dry Cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC has an excellent reputation in the area. Their experience with fine clothing, including wedding dresses and other formal dresses, gave me confidence that they would do a great job. Shores also cleaned my dress prior to my wedding as it had yellow spots, including a large darkened area from age, and they did an excellent job with it. My dress was whiter than when my mom wore it 30 years before! Read about her wedding on our Association’s website.


The reigning Miss North Carolina USA, Nadia Moffet, chose Shores to restore the evening gown she wore in the Miss U.S.A. pageant in Las Vegas, NV. It was heavily soiled from stage debris and cosmetic products as you can see from the photos of the gown before cleaning. With diligence, each stain was removed and Miss North Carolina’s gown was restored to near pristine condition.

-Miss North Carolina

My daughter has always wanted to wear the wedding dress that I wore and that my mother wore. When we pulled it out of the box, we found some huge brown stains all over it. I was a little concerned because the dress is 55 years old, but they did an amazing job. The stains were gone, and the dress was whiter than when I wore it! From cleaning to altering and now preserving for the next generation, I highly recommend Shores Dry Cleaners!

-K. Ownley

Shores Fine Dry Cleaning are very professional and have great customer service and pickup and delivery service. I love the way my shirts are cleaned and cared for each time. I have never had a dry cleaners to treat my clothes as their own. My wife and I are very satisfied with all the services we have received over the years at Shores. I have recommended Shores to a friend that was looking for a professional dry cleaner. Shores is the best in the Triad!

-Arthur P

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