Leather & Suede

-Leather & Suede-

Shores does not use harsh chemicals to treat stains in leather and suede because the dyes used in animal skins are very delicate. The use of harsh chemicals or stain removal by anyone other than an experienced specialist could lead to discoloration and/or damage to the skin. Even with expert stain removers, complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed.

Cleaning leather and suede may cause slight changes in texture and/or color of your skins. Natural skins, unlike man made fabrics are unique by design. It is impossible to predict exactly how an animal skin will react to the cleaning process. You may be assured of quality results by knowing that we have spent many years refining our technique; specializing in cleaning leather, suede, and handbags; and are the absolute best in cleaning natural skins.

Suede is a bit trickier. Some smudges can often be improved with a clean pencil eraser (but should always be tested in a hidden area). Oily-type stains from buttered popcorn, gravy, and lotions will need attention by the technicians at Shores.

  • Garments are carefully inspected
  • Careful removal of spots and stains
  • Replacement of natural oils lost over time or in the cleaning process
  • Restoration of color and texture that can be lost in wear or as a natural consequence of the cleaning process.
  • Loose buttons are tightened and minor repairs are performed
  • Alterations and restyling services are available
  • Most garments require 1-2 weeks (3-4 weeks in the summer)

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