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Posted on December 27, 2017

Cleaning and Restoring Leather Purses and Handbags

My parents really like to purchase things for my sister, my niece, and me that we wouldn’t normally buy on our own.  A number of years ago, my sister and niece both asked for designer handbags for Christmas, and my mom had so much fun shopping and purchasing their bags, and they have really enjoyed carrying those bags, that a new tradition began where my parents bought them an expensive bag every Christmas and birthday.

Two years ago, my mom began encouraging me to pick out a designer bag, and for a while I resisted.  I tended to think of handbags as mostly disposable, carrying a purse for one or two seasons, and then donating it to The Salvation Army or Goodwill once it served my purpose.  But ultimately, I relented, mostly to make my mom happy, and now I must admit that I have three designer bags, with my favorite being a red Dooney & Bourke bag that I am currently carrying.

Today, I look at my collection of bags, and purses in general, differently.  I did not donate the black Michael Kors purse that I received last Christmas; instead, it is upstairs in the guest room closet, in a cloth bag, waiting for me to carry it again.  Why? There’s a real difference in the quality.  After carrying it for 5 months, the bag held its shape nicely, has so many terrific features, and still looks like new.

But what if it didn’t still look like new?  Would I have gotten rid of it or stuck it in a closet to never use again?  No, that’s where Shores comes in.  If during the 5 months that I carried it, it got an ink mark, a lipstick stain, a scratch, the stitching came loose, or anything else that goes along with carrying it daily, I would have just contacted Brian.  Shores has been caring for purses and handbags for years and not only has the ability to work on them in house but also has access to top fabric, suede, leather, PVC, or any combination of materials restoration experts that can take a tired, blemished, or damaged handbag and return it to its former beauty.

If you have a designer bag that needs a bit of attention, stop by one of our three locations and let Brian, David, or Mike take a look at it.  It’s so rare that a bag is beyond restoration, and our handbag specialists wouldn’t want you to get rid of something that has the potential to be restored to its original condition and more importantly, allow you to enjoy it for years to come.

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