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3 Tips to Protect Your Suede Clothing & Shoes

Extraordinary ice storms prompt many municipalities and businesses to treat roads, sidewalks, and parking lots with salt, even if you live in the South. It not only eats away at your vehicle but leaves grayish-white rings on your suede shoes. Suede jackets and coats can also get smudges and stains that can cause you to fret. We’ve provided 3 tips to help you protect your suede materials any time of year.

  1. Upon purchasing new suede shoes, be sure to also purchase a container of suede protector or suede cleaning kit. Kiwi brand sells one named “Protect-All” that is also good for leather that you can pick up at the shoe store. Treat your shoes according to the directions on the container before the first use and after each cleaning. Don’t treat your suede shoes with just any leather protector, you want to purchase one that is primarily made for treating suede.
  2. Suede Stain-Removing Treatments:
    • To prevent salty “high-water” marks on suede shoes, wipe the shoes with a cloth soaked in a solution of half white vinegar and half water (wring the cloth well) before the shoes have a chance to dry. Leave the shoes to dry naturally away from a heat source – heat will cause the suede to become hard and brittle. Once the shoes have dried, buff them with a soft cloth.
    • For scuff marks, rub the marks with a damp cloth dipped in baking soda. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and buff dry.
    • Most stains can be removed with a light brushing or sanding the stain with an emery board.
    • Never soak your suede shoes in any solution, including water, otherwise the nap will flatten and cease to look like suede. If the nap has become really matted, steam the shoes to loosen the nap and then brush gently.
  3. For stains on suede shoes, jacket, or other garment, use a soft, knead-able eraser (such as you’d find in hobby/craft/art stores and possibly the local pharmacy). Once the stain has dried, remove any surface dirt or debris with a soft fingernail brush (gently) then rub the stain with the eraser until the stain disappears. Rub the nap with a velvet brush to restore it.

You can always bring your suede shoes, boots, and clothing to any of our Shores Cleaners locations for the professional treatment. Contact us for more information today!

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