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Tips for Custom Looking Ready to Wear Suits

Make your off-the-rack suit look like it was custom made for you while staying within your wardrobe budget. For a few dollars more than the cost of a ready-to-wear suit, one of our professional seamstresses or tailors can make some minor alterations to make that suit fit your form in style.

Buy the suit you want as long as it’s a little loose here and there. One size larger is OK, but don’t buy a suit that’s two sizes too big. Definitely don’t buy a suit that is shorter or smaller. Hemming slacks and jacket sleeves are only the beginning. Your tailor or seamstress may be able to take in the waist of the jacket for a more form-fitting look, create cuffs in too-long slacks and a host of other ideas to make the suit compliment your style and make you more comfortable.

When you make an appointment with a tailor or seamstress, you’ll want to choose a date when you’ll have ample time try on the suit(s) and discuss the alterations that will give your suit that custom made look.

Custom made suits may not be in your budget but we believe custom-looking suits are. Contact Shores today to discuss how we can transform your ready-to-wear suits for a fraction of the cost of custom made.

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