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Tips for Purchasing a Winter Coat

When it comes to winter coats, there are so many choices – long, mid-length, short; wool, cashmere, down-filled; single-breasted, double-breasted, waist-cinching. It can be a bit overwhelming, and while style is important, so is functionality. Below are some tips to help you find the right coat for both your fashion style and life style.

Fabric – Wool and cashmere are the best fabrics for keeping you warm. But keep in mind that cashmere is not a durable fabric so it will not hold up as well in snowy conditions as a wool coat. If you are subjected to extreme elements, consider something that is both wind and water resistant and down-filled.

Length – The longer the coat, the warmer you’ll be. But consider what you will be wearing your coat with and the climate you will be wearing it in. A short coat won’t provide as much protection, especially if you wear lots of skirts and dresses. An exceptionally long coat will be prone to picking up more dirt and debris.

Fit – Make sure it is tailored but comfortable. You want to be able to drive and move around in it, but you also don’t want it to look sloppy.

Quality – Carefully examine the coat for loose or hanging threads, straight and secure seams and hems, and extra buttons.

Maintenance and care – Check the care label before purchasing because some coats require special attention in addition to the standard yearly cleaning. For example, 100% wool coats often require a gentle brushing after each wearing to remove surface dirt. Also consider color – a darker color coat will be easier to maintain than a lighter color coat.

Just know that whatever coat you end up choosing, Shores Fine Fabricare can help you keep it looking like new all season long.

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