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Traveling with Your Wedding Dress

Whether jetsetting to Maui or heading to a church down the road, your wedding dress should make the trip in comfort. Remember that no matter how carefully you pack or store your gown, your first stop should always be at a professional wedding dress cleaner – an experienced gown cleaner should return the garment in a custom-cut bag stuffed with lots of tissue and a bust form.

If you’ve packed your dress at home, remember that your bridal gown, properly packaged, will be rather bulky! If traveling by car, a custom-cut garment bag for your dress may be more appropriate. The gown should hang with the bodice facing the door – don’t forget to stuff the bag itself with lots of tissue, as well as a bust form to prevent crushing and wrinkling.

When it comes to air travel or shipping, your dress can face some pretty rough handling. Consider one of Shores Cleaners’ destination wedding kits, which are specially designed to fit in the overhead storage compartments on airplanes. This eliminates the need to check your gown with your other baggage, ensuring that your gown travels safely with your carry-on luggage (and away from overzealous baggage handlers).

Our “Treasure Pak” kit includes:

  • Acid-free container (20″ x 17″ x 7″)
  • Acid-free tissue paper
  • Detailed packing instructions
  • “Stain stick” (for wedding day emergencies)
  • Specially designed shipping carton (doubles as an airline-friendly carry-on carton with handle)
  • Coupon for $35 towards cleaning & preserving your wedding gown after the wedding!

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