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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Shopping for a wedding dress doesn’t have to be hectic if you follow these six simple tips.

  1. Plan to spend about 1.5 hours at each boutique trying on gowns but no more than two or three in a day. Take a notebook and make notes to yourself to refer to later. Note what you liked about the boutique and what it offered, what you disliked about the boutique and conveniences that it did not have that you would have liked. Take photos and create a separate album for each boutique – you’ll see things in photos that you may not have noticed otherwise. Plus, it will be easier to remember what the boutique offered if you’re visual. Further, take along images from bridal magazines of styles you like. These will give your consultant idea about what you’re looking for in a wedding gown.
  2. You should invite up to three people to go wedding dress shopping with you but too many friends will be more of a distraction than a help. Besides, it’s your opinion that matters most. Your mother is likely to provide you with an honest opinion, your best friend will likely share hers without bias, and it could be a excellent opportunity to bond with your future mother-in-law.
  3. Your dream wedding dress may look better on the model in the photo than it will on you. Keep an open mind about dresses that are suggested by the consultant. It is quite possible that a wedding dress in a style you wouldn’t ordinarily choose may very well be the most flattering so try on even the gowns that you’re hesitant about. Don’t assume that because a gown looks simply awful on the hanger that it won’t look stunning on you. Try it on.
  4. There are about 250 shades of white and not all of them will be complementary of your skin tone. Try on dresses of different colors – from diamond white to deep ivory – to determine the shade that brings out the best in your complexion.
  5. If price is a deal breaker, consider choosing a wedding gown that flatters your frame but is just a little too plain to be a wedding gown. You can have a seamstress embellish the bodice and skirt with embroidered laces, tulle, beading, or organza overlays. If you’re a popular size, it is possible to visit boutiques hosting big sales or trunk shows. Most dresses will be available in a variety of popular sizes but larger dresses may be available too.
  6. Once you’ve selected the dress, you’ll need alterations. The boutique may have a seamstress on staff but you can choose to have Shores handle your wedding dress alterations. After all, Shores is conveniently close to home.

Be sure to keep the information that details the various materials (fibers such as silk and rayon) from which the gown is constructed, if it is provided. You’ll want to provide this card to your Shores Cleaner representative when you bring the gown for cleaning and preservation.

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