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Posted on July 29, 2015

How To Not Over Pack

Back in November, we shared with you tips on how to pack a business suit to minimize the number of wrinkles it receives during travel.  One of the reasons for wrinkles, we mentioned, was over packing.  I always pack too much, and we have a trip coming up soon so these tips are just as much for me as they are for you.  Hopefully it will help us both pack only what we need, keeping our bag underweight and our clothes arriving in good shape.

  • Consider your destination.  A beach vacation requires different clothing than a trip to Alaska or a Mediterranean cruise.  Think about what you will be doing and the types of clothing you will need for those activities, especially if you are taking a cruise.  Many cruises have formal nights, and the number of nights typically depends on the length of the cruise.  The definition of formal also varies depending on what line you are cruising on.  Here’s a great article to help you decipher some of those codes and figure out the number of suits or dresses you might need.
  • Check the weather.  If the forecast shows a warming trend, you may be able to leave the heavier items at home.  But always pack a waterproof jacket; they can be rolled and will take up minimal space.
  • Mix and match.  This is especially true for longer trips.  Reusing pieces to make new outfits will give you a varied wardrobe while saving space.  Consider taking a lot of white, navy, black, and beige.  Try to also limit your shoes by choosing one or two neutral pair.
  • Roll your clothes.  This will both take up less space in your suitcase and reduce wrinkles.
  • Make the most of your space.  Tuck your toiletries, socks, and small items inside your shoes or in the corners of your suitcase.
  • Finally, wear your heaviest clothes and bulkiest shoes on the plane.  Then you don’t have to worry about finding space for them in your suitcase.

Enjoy your trip, and when you return home, Shores will be here to help you sort through all those dirty clothes.  Just drop off at any one of our locations, and our Certified Master Dry Cleaners will expertly clean and finish your garments and have them back to you when promised.

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