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Posted on August 30, 2014

Meet Mike Chandler

I knew of Mike Chandler, manager of our Shores Greensboro location, before he came to work for us ten years ago.  He had an excellent reputation in the dry cleaning world as a stickler for providing top-notch service and quality.  With 28 years in the business, he knows his stuff.  More importantly, he continues to have a desire to provide top-notch service and quality each time a customer chooses Shores.  That translates into happy customers.  So happy, in fact, that he had a long-time customer recently write him a note stating that they had relocated to Las Vegas and that our service was better than any they could find there for dry cleaning.

Given his years of experience and reputation of producing quality work, Mike has pretty well seen it all – oxidized stains on white clothes, beverage stains on silk wedding gowns, garments that have been mistreated — and fixed it all as well.  As a result, he has an incredibly busy store – which he loves.  He also has dedicated long-term employees that he appreciates, and they appreciate him back.  When I asked him what it was that he liked most about his job, he answered, “the challenge to finish on time each day by the promised date.”  So we should add working well under pressure to his list of attributes.

But I have to be completely open; I had a hard time writing this post.  Mike is not one to share a lot of information about himself.  So I called on a couple of folks that know his professional timeline really well.  Both told me that they weren’t surprised that I was having a hard time getting Mike to open up – because he’s not one to take credit for things.  I asked for a moment when he wowed a customer.  That was a hard one for both of them too.  That’s because, according to his manager Brian Harrell, “he rescues weddings gowns every week.”  He removes stains that most professionals write off.  “Besides being incredibly quality conscious, he’s also the hardest working manager I’ve met,” Brian told me.  “There’s not one story; he just does it so often.”  His former manager, Alan Peatross, put it to me this way, “He’s your everyday super hero.”  And that’s exactly the kind of professional you’d like to have care for your most prized garment.

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