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Posted on April 1, 2015

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Spring seems to be wedding season, with the two most popular months in which to wed – June followed by May.  In January, we posted a blog entitled “What to wear to a winter wedding”.  In it we outlined how you might decipher a wedding invitation if a dress code isn’t specified.  Since we are quickly approaching the spring wedding season, we thought it might be appropriate to visit this topic again for warmer weather suggestions.

If the invitation suggests casual dress, we don’t recommend shorts and flip flops.  A fun sundress or slacks and a top will do nicely.

Semi-formal weddings call for a cocktail dress for evening weddings and a nice dress or suit for daytime weddings.

A black-tie-optional spring wedding would call for a dress a bit more than a cocktail dress but not to the point of an evening gown.  If you choose a short dress, you could go for a more elaborate style.  If you go floor length, keep it simple.

Black tie weddings mean long dresses, typically in darker colors.  Here’s a good guide — your spouse or date will be in a tuxedo, so choose something that will flatter it.

If the invitation doesn’t include a dress code, you can do what we recommended in our last post – investigate the venue, check for a theme, and take a look at the time of day.  But if you still can’t figure it out then your best bet with a spring wedding is to go with a simple cocktail dress for evening weddings and a nice dress or suit for a daytime wedding.  That’s taking the middle of the road, and sometimes that is your safest bet.  Oh, if you need any clothing or gown alterations for the wedding, swing by one of our Shores Cleaners locations.

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