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Posted on February 8, 2017

Caring for Sweaters

I’m always cold.  To combat that, I wear lots of layers, in both the winter and the summer, and those layers typically involve some sort of sweater.  Because my sweaters see lots of use, I make sure to give them the best care possible.

Here’s how I go about keeping my sweaters looking like new:

  • I care for a number of my sweaters at home, but if I ever have a doubt, I immediately discuss it with one of our store managers.  If you are unclear about how to properly care for a sweater, please call or stop by one of our locations.
  • Address stains immediately.  If you spill something, just blot it with a clean, white cloth and then leave it alone until you can get home and address it properly.  If you are dropping it off at one of our stores, point out the stain and let us know what it is.
  • Follow the care label to avoid shrinking or stretching.  Many sweaters are hand-wash only, which doesn’t mean wash in the washing machine on the hand-wash cycle.  Hand-wash means using a very small amount of a mild detergent, gently swirling the sweater around in water in a sink or basin, carefully rinsing, and gently squeezing out the water.
  • Avoid drying your sweaters in the dryer; instead lay sweaters flat to dry.
  • Never hang your sweaters on a hanger from the shoulders.  The weight of the sweater will cause it to stretch, leaving those golf ball dimples in the shoulders.  It is best to fold your sweaters and place them in a drawer.  If your drawer space is limited, then fold them over a strut hanger and hang in your closet.
  • Avoid washing wool sweaters in your home washing machine because wool is especially prone to shrinkage.  If you have a wool sweater that gets wet, let it dry at room temperature away from heat and then brush with the nap.
  • Make note of unraveling and fraying and be sure to secure any loose yarns to prevent further unraveling.
  • I have a couple sweaters that have decorative trims and embellishments, and I do not care for them at home.  Remember that delicate fabrics can stretch, shrink, and pull, while items with decorative trims require special attention.  In these cases, it might be better to trust those items to a professional.

Our managers at Shores are always available to answer any questions you might have, whether it’s related to sweater care or other garments.  Simply stop by or call one of our three locations, and we will make sure you are taken care of.

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