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Posted on March 19, 2016

Caring for Team Jerseys

I am not a huge sports fan, but there are two sports events I really love: the Superbowl and March Madness.  I mostly like the Superbowl for the food and shear entertainment factor, but I find myself glued to as many games as possible during March Madness.  Unfortunately, my team usually falls out pretty early (and sometimes doesn’t even make it at all).  And while I am a part-time sports fan, I have friends that are real, true blue fans and are incredibly loyal to their team.  One way they show their support is by wearing a team jersey.

Team jerseys can be expensive, so we want them to last as long as possible.  Most of our customers don’t want to risk ruining such a prized garment, so they choose to have Shores handle them.  Everyday care and normal washing are typically an easy task, so if you’d like to care for your team jersey at home we recommend the following:

  • Because most jerseys are made from synthetic fabrics, simply pre-treat stains, wash as soon as possible after a spill, turn the jersey inside out, and follow the manufacturers care label.  Turning the jersey inside out will help decrease the chances of abrasions.
  • If the label doesn’t suggest washing in cold water, we do.  Many jerseys are colorful and washing in hot or warm water can cause fading.
  • Remove the jersey from the washer as soon as the load is finished, turn it right side out, and lay it flat to dry.  Never place your jersey in the dryer; the heat from the dryer could cause the letters to crack or stick together.
  • Never iron your jersey.  The heat from the iron could burn a hole in the fabric or cause a letter to melt or smear.
  • Finally, autographed jerseys are better off not cleaned or washed.  While sharpie ink holds up well through most cleanings, all ink degrades a degree when washed or dry cleaned.  Eventually that special autograph will fade away.

If you have a team jersey that needs attention, drop it off at one of our three locations.  We will happily take special care of it for you.

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