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Can climbing into a neat, tidy bed help you get a better night’s sleep? We think so. Shores Cleaners basic bed linen cleaning service includes washing flat and fitted sheets in quality detergents and hot water to remove dead skin cells, body oils, perspiration, and other impurities. Your sheets will then be pressed on a roller press and will be ready for you to pick up in 3 days. Once you get them home, we recommend the following method to help you achieve that luxury, hotel-quality bed feeling right in your own home.

  • Start with a fitted sheet on the mattress, making sure the corners match perfectly and that there are no wrinkles.
  • Top the fitted sheet with a flat sheet, making sure the finished side is facedown so that the bed has a nice look when you pull the covers back. Be sure to line up the top of the sheet with the top of the mattress and the middle fold with the center of the bed to ensure everything is lined up properly. Smooth the top sheet all the way to the bottom, tucking the end between the mattress and box springs. Be sure there is no bunching; the sheet should lay flat between the mattress and box springs.
  • Next, tuck the corners. Go to one side of the end of the bed. Take the sheet draping from the side about a foot from the end of the bed. Lift it up almost creating a V and tuck the lower drape under the mattress. Do the same thing on the other side.
  • Any blankets should be done in the same manner as the flat sheet.
  • Make sure everything is tucked in nice and tight.
  • Top with a comforter or duvet, making sure it is centered and smooth.
  • Align sleeping pillows inside the pillow cases so that the corners match properly. There should be no bunching. Place the hem side of the pillow case facing out. Top the sleeping pillows with decorative pillows.
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