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Posted on October 10, 2022

How do Professional Cleaners Remove Stains?

Stain removal is a challenging task.  How many times have you attempted to remove a stain only to make it worse?  Our professional stain removal technicians have the perfect combination of training, skill, experience, and finesse to remove stains accurately and professionally.

What is a professional stain removal technician?

  • They are individuals trained to recognize stains by both color and location.  They understand fibers and fabrics, and they know how fibers react with both the stain and the substance needed to remove the stain.

How does professional stain removal work?

  • Our technicians use special techniques when wetting the fabric, applying the stain removal agents, and drying the fabric.  These techniques are designed to keep the area contained during the removal process and to prevent fabric and color damage.

How are stains removed?

  • The answer depends on the type of stain.  For instance, oil-based stains like butter and salad dressing are easily removed during the dry-cleaning process where water-based stains like sugar and juice will dissolve in water.  Other stains require a solution that will cause a reaction, and finally, there are some stains that require enzymes to convert the stain into a simpler, more removable substance.
  • Many stains require pretreatment before being dry cleaned.  That is why it is important for you to point out stains at drop off.  Some stains, like from fruit, juice, and soda, are initially invisible.  If they stay on the fabric for an extended period, they can oxidize then they are more difficult to remove.

What tools are used in the stain removal process?

  • Our technicians use a specially designed stain removal board, which allows them to work on small areas at a time.  The board is equipped with steam and water, a vacuum system, and air for drying the fabric once the removal process is complete.  The station also includes a variety of special tools like brushes, blotters, eye droppers, cotton swaps, magnifying glass, and so on.

What precautions do you take during the stain removal process?

  • The biggest challenge when it comes to stain removal is removing the stain without affecting the dye or fabric content.  This is where our years of experience and training come in.  Some stains are easily identifiable and straight forward, so our technicians do not hesitate to move forward.  Other stains and garments may require tests for fiber identification or colorfastness before making any stain removal attempts.

With all the knowledge and resources available to the stain removal technician, it is easy to see why leaving the stain removal to Shores Fine Dry Cleaning is much more practical than attempting at home.   Stop by one of our three convenient locations to see for yourself.

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