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Posted on January 28, 2015

How to Properly Make a Bed

For years, my mom ironed their sheets.  She’s long since stopped that practice but I believe if she had the time, she’d probably continue.  And while she no longer irons her sheets, she’s still incredibly particular about having a properly made bed.  Here’s how she taught me to make a tidy bed:

  • She recommends using fitted sheets on the mattress.  She believes when properly done, they can look just as nice as a flat sheet without the chance of coming undone.  The corners must match perfectly, and there should be no wrinkles.
  • The flat sheet is next.  Be sure the finished side is facedown so that the bed looks nice when you pull the sheets back.  Line the top of the sheet up with the top of the mattress and the middle fold with the center of the bed.  Then make it smooth all the way to the bottom, tucking the end between the mattress and box springs.  Be sure there is no bunching.  The sheet should lay flat between the mattress and box springs.
  • Tuck the corners.  Go to one side of the end of the bed.  Take the sheet draping from the side about a foot from the end of the bed.  Lift it up almost creating a V and tuck the lower drape under the mattress.  Repeat on the other side.
  • Do the blankets in the same manner as the flat sheet.
  • The comforter or duvet varies according to the type of bed and cover.  Just make sure it is centered and looks smooth and nice.
  • Sleeping pillows are put in the pillow cases and are aligned properly so that the corners match and there is no bunching.  Always place the hem side of the pillow case facing out.  Top with any decorative pillows.

If you like an incredibly tidy bed, one way (besides following my mom’s method) is to have your sheets professionally laundered and finished by Shores.  Shores Cleaner’s basic bed linen cleaning includes washing flat and fitted sheets in quality detergents and hot water to remove most soils, perspiration, and impurities. Sheets are then pressed on a roller press. Your bed linens are washed, pressed, and returned in 3 days ready for your incredibly tidy bed.

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