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Posted on May 24, 2016

Importance of Properly Fitting Clothes

We’ve all heard sayings like “Clothes Make the Man”, and we all know Coco Chanel’s famous quote “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” I have to say that I like this one the best – “Baggy pants were never, and will never be cool.”  You can put on an expensive dress or a designer suit but if it is too small or too big, folks will notice the fit and never notice your fancy frock or classy ensemble.  Most people cannot walk into a department store, pull a ready-to-wear garment off of the rack, and expect it to fit perfectly – no matter what their size.  Yet, we all spend so much time trying on multiple outfits, looking for that perfect fit, and then settle for a garment that mostly works.  But the truth is not only does the fit of your clothes determine whether it looks good on you or not, it also affects how you feel about yourself.

  • Clothes that are too big make you look sloppy and both bigger and older than what you actually are.  Furthermore, they tend to hide your best features.
  • Clothes that are too small tend to accentuate every single flaw.
  • Clothes that fit properly make you look thinner, and most of all, they make you feel confident.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer clothes or a custom suit to get that perfect fit or feeling of confidence.  If there is a garment that you absolutely love, and it is perhaps a little too long in the sleeve or too big in the waist, there is an easy solution – tailoring.  It is not nearly as expensive as you think, and it could possibly open up a whole new genre of clothing.  Once you recognize that, you can purchase a garment that accentuates your best feature and then have the other portions altered to flatter the rest of your shape.

All three of our locations are set up to handle any clothing alteration need – from a simple repair to an ornate wedding gown.  So if your clothes aren’t accentuating your best features, stop by or call for an appointment, and Shores will be glad to tailor your wardrobe to fit your needs.

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