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Posted on August 19, 2015

Meet David King

In 1977, David King started his career in the dry cleaning industry thanks to a personal friend that took an interest in him.  Almost 40 years later, David still loves it as much as he did the day he started.  What keeps his interest?  “There is always something different and challenging that pops up every day,” said David.

A recent change and challenge came in October when Shores moved its in-house wedding gown cleaning operation to its High Point location.  “It’s been a great move,” said Brian Harrell, General Manager of Shores.  “David’s attention to detail on wedding gowns is astonishing.  He is able to remove spots and stains that I would have thought nearly impossible to remove.”  One recent gown had large black marks all the way up the side hem, mainly from floor dirt and grime though they also included alcoholic beverage and food stains.  A combination stain like that is difficult enough on an everyday garment, but it is especially difficult on a fragile, delicate, and special garment like a wedding gown.  “I cannot tell you the countless hours he spent on that dress,” said Brian.  “But now it’s spotless.”  That’s not an end to David’s talent.  He particularly loves working on old, vintage pieces.  One of his favorite memories is when he was able to restore an old, vintage wedding gown to the point that the customer didn’t believe it was the same dress they dropped off.

Of course, he’s seen his share of challenges too – like a sequin encrusted evening gown.  But even that’s no match for David.  Knowing that he can make a customer happy simply doing something that comes easily and naturally for him, like removing difficult stains on a special garment, is what pleases him the most.

“Dry cleaning has been my life” said David.  “I honestly can’t see doing anything else.”

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