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Posted on April 15, 2020

Shores Fine Dry Cleaning has a New General Manager

He may be new to Shores, but he’s definitely not new to the dry cleaning industry, and after 22 years, he’s still trying to find ways to increase the level of service he and his staff provide.  I’m talking about Michael Rowe, the new General Manager for Shores.  Most days, you’ll find him running our Winston-Salem location, but he will also be in and out of both our High Point and Greensboro locations offering advice and solving problems.

Speaking of solving problems, that’s one of Michael’s specialties.  Over the years, he’s worked with a variety of garments including wedding dresses, vintage gowns, and couture fashions, so he knows the proper techniques  and processes required for these one-of-a-kind pieces.  He has a very analytical and balanced approach, always looking at every angle before making an informed decision.  In fact, one of our resident staff experts told me that “he knows techniques and processes as good as anyone I’ve ever met in the business.”

As a bonus, his knowledge doesn’t stop there.  He’s also been known to bring a school mascot back to life and save a child’s favorite stuffed animal.  Every parent knows that an injured stuffed animal is a near-catastrophe.  While that kind of work makes for an interesting day for Michael, it also makes him a hero in the eyes of a child.

More About Michael

“I’m excited about this opportunity,” said Michael.  “I enjoy learning new things and being challenged.  I’m especially excited about getting to know Shores customers. Building relationships with customers is fun; we share stories and talk about our kids.  We see them often, and they become almost like family.”

When he’s not at work, Michael enjoys spending time with his family going to the park or to children’s museums.  The Rowe family loves Disney, so they are always saving, planning, and dreaming of their next big trip.

Shores feels blessed to have a General Manager like Michael.  If you have garment care  questions or need advice, feel free to e-mail Michael at

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