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Posted on August 10, 2016

Shores is on Instagram

When I got married back in the olden days (1999), my source for inspiration was mostly magazines, but I always felt like no matter what magazine I looked at, their focus was always to try and sell me something – not help me figure out what I liked and what I wanted.  I sure do wish we’d had Instagram and Pinterest back then, two sources that are just chocked full of ideas.  Sure, there are plenty of folks out there trying to sell you stuff, but I feel like I get way more honesty and genuine ideas from these two sources than anywhere else.  But more importantly, I get a feel for the person sharing the ideas.  I get their story.

There are several reasons why Shores recently joined the world of Instagram.  Here are two:

  1. We want brides, mothers of brides, future brides, and customers to see what an important role Shores plays in helping the wedding planning process run more smoothly.
  2. We like stories.  We like hearing about people’s stories, and we like sharing those stores.

Unfortunately, if you don’t share those stories with us, we don’t have anything to tell.  That’s why we’d love some help getting this going.  Here’s what you can do:

  • If your wedding gown needs to be altered, call one of our three locations to schedule a fitting with one of our skilled and experienced seamstresses.  When you come for your appointment, be sure to bring all of the undergarments you intend to wear beneath the wedding dress as well as your shoes, head piece or veil, and hair accessories.  When you come for your fitting, you will be asked about letting us snap a few photos throughout the dress alteration process and then letting us share them AFTER your big day.  Don’t worry, we won’t ruin any surprises you might want to have in store for your groom and guests, and we won’t share any photos that you haven’t approved.
  • If your gown needs to be cleaned, pressed, or freshened up before your big day, bring it by one of our locations, and the Certified Gown Specialist at the location you visit will customize a plan for your gown and will treat it with tender loving care.  When you drop off your gown, we will ask you if we can snap a few photos while we freshen it up and then share them with our Instagram followers.  Again, we won’t share any photos until after the wedding day.
  • Don’t forget to clean and preserve your gown as soon as possible after your wedding.  The longer you wait to have your gown cleaned, the less likely it is that all the stains can be removed.  When you drop off your gown, we will ask you if we can snap a few photos during the process and then share them with our Instagram followers.
  • Finally, if you have some photos of your big day that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to see them.  Just e-mail them to with a little information about yourself, your dress, ceremony, venue, or any other tidbit you’d like for folks to know.  We’d be delighted to post them on our Instagram account.

If an everyday photo is worth a thousand words, then imagine how much a photo of your gown, you in your gown, or you in your gown at your ceremony is worth to a bride that is struggling to piece her big day together.  Perhaps one of your photos and your story could provide a bit of inspiration.

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