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Posted on September 15, 2020

Storing Out-of-Season Bedding

It is common to have different bedding for different seasons, and the last thing you want to do is take your summer comforter off your bed, fold it up, place it in a plastic bag, and throw it in the attic.  All your out-of-season bedding should be cleaned properly before storing it away for the season.

Caring for Sheets and Blankets

If you’d like a professional finish, Shores can wash your sheets using superior detergents and hot water which will remove most soil, perspiration, and impurities.  Your sheets will then be professionally finished and packaged up for you in a matter of three days.  If you are interested in having Shores prepare your sheets for storage, simply drop them off at one of our convenient locations.

If you prefer to clean your sheets at home, Shores recommends the following:

  • Avoid Overloading Your Washing Machine.  Your sheets need plenty room to move around, so avoid overloading your washing machine. In addition, do not wrap your sheets around the agitator because they can get tangled. Finally, wash sheets by themselves so other items do not get balled up inside.
  • Check the Care Label.  Always check the care label before washing. Select the appropriate temperature, water level, and cycle, and be sure not to use too much detergent.
  • Hang Your Sheets Outside.  When drying, again follow the directions on the care label. Using too high of a temperature will cause shrinkage and wrinkles. To keep your sheets from getting balled up, toss in a couple tennis balls. Finally, you can also hang your sheets outside to dry; I love the smell of sheets that are hung out to dry. Not only will you save energy, the sun’s rays will help keep your whites looking bright.

Caring for Comforters

Cleaning comforters and duvets at home can be a challenge, given their size and weight.  Down comforters are especially difficult to manage at home because they become quite heavy when they get wet; this can be taxing on your home washer and dryer.  Shores has both the proper equipment and knowledge when it comes to caring for these unique pieces.

But if you prefer to care for your comforters at home, we understand and recommend the following:

  • Wash your comforter, using cold water, on a sunny day.
  • Let your machine fill with water before adding clear, liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener.
  • If you have a top-load machine, open your washer periodically and move the comforter around.
  • Run your comforter through two drain and spin cycles.
  • Find some clean sheets to lay on the ground and lay your comforter out to dry.
  • You will likely notice some clumping, but the clumping will loosen at it dries.
  • Once the comforter is mostly dry, place it in the dryer with a couple tennis balls initially on-air fluff, then add low heat until the comforter is dry.

Since 1948, Shores has been expertly caring for linens and bedding.  If you need help preparing to store your out-of-season bedding, Shores can help!

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