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Posted on August 14, 2019

Triad Fine Men’s Clothiers

Shores Fine Dry Cleaning has been providing exceptional garment care for the Triad area of North Carolina since 1948, and over the years, we’ve added lots of new services including a monthly blog in 2014 to share our expertise with you.  Recently, we took a look back at some of our posts, and we discovered that we’ve been focusing quite a bit on bridal and ladies’ interests while neglecting our guys.  We’re going to remedy that over the next couple months by featuring local men’s clothiers that both carry quality products and provide top-notch service.

You might be wondering how shopping at a business like this will be different from running into a department store and picking up a pair of khakis off the rack or trying to turn a ready-to-wear suit into something that looks like it was made for you.  Locally-owned clothier establishments carry superior garments that are made from the highest quality fabrics and have professional seamstresses and tailors that are trained on current trends, proper fit, and correct drape and will customize your garments to your body’s measurements creating an ensemble that looks like it was made just for you.  With their training, skill, and knowledge, they will also make suggestions on how their modifications can be the most flattering for your body type.

In this series, you will learn more about the history of these local establishments, how they define quality, what to look for when selecting garments, and the noticeable difference in the level of service you’ll receive when visiting one of these stores.  After reading this series, should you choose to make a purchase at one of these businesses, take your suit or garment home and compare it to one of your off-the-rack items to see the difference for yourself.  In addition, as a part of their service, they will not only give you tips on how to care for your suit or garment at home, they will also give you a gift card for a free suit cleaning from one of our three convenient locations.

We hope you enjoy this series as much as we are enjoying putting it together.  As we move forward, please feel free to pose any questions you’d like to have answered on our Facebook page or e-mail them to us at

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