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Posted on December 16, 2020

Wash or Dry Clean New Clothes Before Wearing

Sometimes you shop for need, and sometimes you shop for want.  And when you find a new outfit that really speaks to you, it can be hard to wait for it to be washed or dry cleaned before you wear it for the first time. But you should.  Read on to learn why.

  • Chemicals — New clothes are often treated with several chemicals from stain-repellents to anti-wrinkling agents to waterproofing. Manufacturers do this so clothing will not mold or mildew during transit and so items look fresh and wrinkle-free when ready for display at retail locations; however, they are not required to disclose this information to consumers.In essence, you have no idea what is on that new shirt or dress you just purchased. That is why it is a good idea to wash or dry cleaning that new purchase before wearing, especially if you have sensitive skin to avoid developing a rash on contact areas like underarms,collars, cuffs, and trouser waists.
  • Dirt — New clothes are covered with germs, bacteria, sweat, and dead skin cells from all the people that have touched them during manufacture, processing, shipping, and display. Now add all the people that have tried the clothing on before you.If they had a virus or lice, both could be passed on. This unpleasantness is easy to avoid if you simply make a point to always wash or dry cleaning your clothing before wearing.
  • Dye — When it comes to home laundry, you know to sort by color, weight, and fabric. The color portion is important because if a dye if not colorfast, it could bleed all over the clothing being washed with. Wearing a new unwashed item could lead to, especially if you get wet from rain or perspiration, the dye bleeding onto another garment you are wearing. And just as with the chemical issue, if you have sensitive skin, you could develop a rash or skin irritation from the dye.

How to Avoid Chemicals on New Clothing

This will likely take some research on your end, but you can look for organically produced natural fiber clothing in cotton, linen, and wool.  Not only will you need to check out the manufacture process, but you will also need to check into shipment procedures.  Natural fibers can mildew if exposed to prolonged periods of moisture; some manufacturers use chemicals to reduce the chances of mildew during transit.

Of course, if you have a new outfit you would like to wear, Shores can clean and expertly press it (and quickly) so that it looks better than off the rack new.  Just drop by one of our three locations, and we will take care of you and your new clothes or contact us.

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