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Posted on September 7, 2016

Caring for Your Suit

We’ve talked before about the importance of properly fitting clothing.  We’ve also talked about how no one, no matter their size, can walk into a department store, pull a suit off a rack, and expect it fit perfectly – everywhere.  Of course, that’s where expert alterations come in.  But once you’ve selected your suit, have had it expertly fitted to your physique, you can’t just wear it and then throw it in the closet.  You’ve invested some time and money into this ensemble, and you’ll want to keep it in peak condition for as long as possible.  Besides regular cleaning and pressing, here are few key things you’ll need to do to keep your suit looking like new:

  • Keep your suit as a set.  Not only is it important to provide identical care to the pants and coat to help ensure consistent color and texture of the fabric over time, but you also want to wear them together, not as separates.
  • Avoid sunlight.  Try to keep dark suits out of bright sunlight.  For instance, if you take your jacket off, hang it on a hanger, and leave it in your car all day, it will cause the coat to become lighter than the pants over time.
  • Clean it regularly.  We typically recommend cleaning a suit after 3-4 times of wearing, but there could be a need to clean it sooner.  Here are some reasons why: it is an exceptionally hot day, you are outside a lot, and therefore you perspire more than normal; you wear it to a restaurant where food smells settle into the fabric; you spill something on it, even a clear beverage which will discolor over time.  Even if it doesn’t look dirty, there could be unseen dirt on it which will impact your suit’s appearance.
  • Take off your jacket.  If you sit for long periods of time, the back of your coat will get overly wrinkled and worn.
  • Handle with care.  Use a good quality wooden hanger to hang your suit, which will help maintain the jacket’s shape and keep the pants nicely creased.  Try waiting a day or two between wearing to give the fabric time to rest.

If you have questions about suit care, please call or stop by one of our locations.  We are here to help.

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