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Posted on June 17, 2020

Choosing the Proper Hanger

I often catch my husband hanging a dress shirt or a polo shirt on a strut hanger.  I never say anything; I just wait until he is gone, and I go behind him and place the garment on the proper hanger.  He does not see the importance of using the proper hanger, but there are two things that make me realize how important it actually is.  First, I work for a dry cleaner, and I’ve learned a lot over the years.  Second, once upon a time I hung a knit item  on the wrong hanger and when I went to wear it, I noticed humps on either side of the top at the shoulder area.

Here are the Hangers that Shores Uses:

  • Grand Knit Hangers
    This is the hanger we use for men’s golf shirts because it is wider and curved down for the shoulders, which means no more droopy shoulders or shoulder humps.
  • Ladies Blazer Hangers
    This hanger is similar to the plastic blouse hanger, mentioned below, except it is sturdier and specially designed to help ladies’ blazers keep their form in the shoulders.
  • Plastic Blouse Hangers
    This specially designed hanger is curved down more at the shoulders and has tabs on it for blouses that have attached straps to secure it to the hanger. No more worrying about your blouse slipping off the hanger.
  • Shirt Hangers
    The gauge on wire shirt hangers is smaller than other hangers because they are designed for dress shirts only, which are typically lighter garments. There is a particular bend at the collar area of the hanger, which is designed to keep the shirt’s collar upright and in proper form.
  • Skirt Hangers
    These plastic hangers come with two clips for hanging things like skirts and shorts, as well as pants provided you hang them by the cuff. Notice on Shores plastic hangers, the clips are lined with silicone pads, so they will not leave marks on your clothes.
  • Strut Hangers
    These are the hangers with the cardboard bar, which is treated with a non-tacky latex so that garments stay in place. They were initially designed for pants but also work well for folding things like sweaters and placing them over the bar, and when you add a shoulder guard to the hanger, they work well for a men’s suit.
  • Wire Hangers
    At Shores, we call these Cape Hangers because we cover ours in paper and have our logo printed on them. These work well for ladies’ tops and dresses as well as light-weight jackets.
  • Wooden Suit Hangers
    Wooden Hangers are obviously made of wood, but they are also thick and curved making them ideal for suits and jackets. Not only will they help maintain the proper form of a suit, they also give it the proper support.

The next time you pick up your order from Shores, take note of the hangers your clothes are placed on.  You’ll find that we understand the importance of properly matching hanger and garment, and when it comes to hanging your clothes up at home, contact us if you have any questions or visit one of our three locations.  We are here to help.

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