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Wedding Gown Cleaning

With the investment you've made in selecting the perfect gown for your special day, you should have complete trust in its cleaning before and after the wedding is over. We understand that you have concerns about being separated from your treasured gown. Shores Fine Dry Cleaning is certified by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists to maintain museum quality cleaning practices. That is why we have a trained gown specialist at each of our locations.

Professional Wedding Gown Cleaners

You can trust that we have the experience to professionally clean your dress, and we'll provide a free consultation and estimate for any dress (new or vintage). We specialize in wedding dress cleaning and can clean the most difficult gown fabrics. Our gown cleaning services include a careful inspection of your dress, hand cleaning process, anti-sugar stain treatment, and steaming to insure your gown is wrinkle free. Shore's is your top gown care specialist in the Triad, providing our customers the best services for gown cleaning, wedding gown preservation, and bridal alterations.

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Hand Cleaning

A cleaning process will be customized for your gown and it will be treated and cleaned individually by a Certified Gown Specialist. Trust us to carefully treat your gown with gentle detergents that dissolve the different types of stains picked up by your gown during your wedding. See real testimonials from customers that have put their faith in Shores.

Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment

Our unique treatment, featured in Modern Bride and Brides magazines, makes sure that any spills containing sugar, salt and acid are removed. These types of latent stains often dry clear and are not seen...but will turn an ugly brown over time.

Personal Inspection

You may opt to personally inspect your gown after cleaning before the final preparation steps

Final Steps

We steam your wedding gown with meticulous care and it is stuffed with a bodice form as well as tissue to keep it wrinkle-free.