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Posted on May 20, 2020

Wedding Gown Cleaning Cost

We often remind brides of the importance of having gowns cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding to ensure that spills and stains do not set in, but not all wedding gown cleaners are created the same.

Types of Wedding Dress Cleaners

  1. The Mass-Produced Option where you order a box, place your gown in it, and ship it off to a gown factory.  These factories are typically large facilities with a lot of automation and very little individual attention to detail and service.  They often don’t guarantee the results of your preservation or guarantee against yellowing or brown spots after time.  The cost of their service rages from $95 – $150.
  2. What Shores recommends is that you choose an Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS) certified cleaner to clean your gown because these folks specialize in Individual, Hand-Cleaning which will be done on-site by a specialist.

Here’s What AWGS Cleaners Offer That the Others Don’t:

  • Many AWGS cleaners have special rooms for gown preservation with light, dust, and humidity controls.
  • Preservationist wear lab coats and gloves.
  • We use museum quality materials and processes to ensure a flawless gown.
  • After the dress is cleaned, AWGS cleaners will offer a reveal before proceeding with the preservation process.
  • After approval, an anti-sugar treatment is performed to ensure all stains that could cause yellow or brown spots down the road have been removed. Plus, a preservation guarantee is provided.
  • The cleaned and preserved gown is wrapped in freshly laundered muslin, surrounded with acid free tissue paper, and placed in an acid free and pH neutral container.

While pricing does vary by market, an AWGS cleaning and preservation generally ranges between $300 – $600.

Factors That Increase the Price

  • Silk, for instance, requires a different level of expertise and time as it relates to stain removal.
  • Delicate trims and intricate cuts need to be protected and sometimes removed before cleaning and replaced afterward.
  • Excess damage could lead to the need of alteration or tailoring.
  • Substantial staining could cause the need for detailed and labor-intensive restorations.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation.

  • The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists offers a $35 off coupon good at any affiliate location.
  • Some cleaners will offer a discount if you choose to have alterations and cleaning done prior to the wedding and the preservation done after the wedding. This is true at Shores; if we perform alterations or pre-wedding cleaning, we traditionally discount the preservation charge for our customer.
  • You could also register for cleaning and gown preservation as a shower/wedding gift.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to do your due diligence and ask plenty of questions.  If you are interested in a free consultation with one of our specialists, click here, or call us at 1-844-My-1-Gown if you have questions.

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