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When it comes to how well you look in your clothing, a good fit makes all the difference. Our in-house tailoring department provides repairs, restyles, and clothing alteration services in Greensboro, Winston Salem & High Point for your work apparel, wedding and formal wear.

Clothing Alterations in Greensboro, Winston Salem & High Point

We can pin, mark, and measure clothing for men, women and children for clothing alterations of new, used and vintage garments. We can alter kids’ clothes for the next sibling, to bring a treasured garment back into rotation, and to restore or resize garments as your body and style changes.

Shores provides an array of clothes alterations in Winston Salem, Greensboro and High Point. Here are just a few of the clothing alteration services we offer at all locations:

  • Wedding Gown Alterations – Hems and waistline adjustments
  • Replacement of buttons and beadwork – Turning Collars
  • Adding elbow patches to blazers – Lining Replacement
  • Narrowing of lapels – Add Patches or Letters to uniforms, jackets and sashes
  • Repairs for holes, snags and tears – Re-size or Re-style bridesmaid and formal dresses
  • Elastic replacement – Repair slipcovers, draperies, bedding, and other household items

Seamstress On-site

Most clothes alterations can be completed in 3 days or less. For clothing alterations in Winston Salem & Greensboro, Shores has a seamstress on site. For clothing alterations in High Point, we do fittings, minor repairs and pinning, then all sewing is done by our seamstress off site. Shores is the place to visit if you are looking for hand-sewn hems, intuitive, quality repairs and all clothes alterations in High Point, Greensboro & Winston Salem. Just walk in or contact us for an appointment that is convenient to your schedule.


  • Whether you require several fittings or just a simple repair, give the seamstress a clear deadline. To avoid last minute stress it’s a good idea to set that deadline well in advance of when you actually need to wear the garment. This also will help if there is a need for any last minute alterations.
  • Most wedding gown alterations require at least two fittings. Be leery of anyone who takes your measurements and tells you to pick up your gown in three weeks. There is no substitute for trying on the finished product long before the big day and in the presence of the individual making the alterations.


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