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Comforter Dry Cleaning

Expert Care for Comforters & Duvets in Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem

Cleaning duvets, matelasse spreads and comforters can be quite the chore if you're laundering these at home. Down comforters are especially bulky and heavy when wet and can be difficult for your washer or dryer to handle as well. Shores Cleaners will handle the task for you. Our Certified Technicians are skilled in spot cleaning numerous kinds of fabrics, especially those fabrics that don't like water (like wool and rayon), as well as dry cleaning comforters that could use a thorough cleaning in anticipation of cold weather.

When cleaning duvets and dry cleaning comforters, each item receives individual attention. Each one undergoes at least four inspections before we return it to you in nearly-new condition. As experts in both wet and dry cleaning technologies, Shores Cleaners employs only the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals to care for your items, whether they are heirlooms or custom made.

For expert service in cleaning duvets and dry cleaning comforters in Greensboro, High Point, or Winston Salem, call, stop by or contact Shores Cleaners. We're happy to answer your questions about our process.

Tips and Advice

  • Cover your Down Comforter with a Duvet Cover. They can be changed fast to redecorate a room and they catch all the dirt and crumbs instead of your comforter. Duvets are also much easier to clean than your comforter
  • Regular cleaning of your household items will increase their longevity: Comforters, ruffles and shams at least one time a year, Duvets as needed
  • Get all matching items cleaned at the same time so if there is a slight color shift it will be consistent
  • Dry Cleaning chemicals do not damage the natural properties of down contrary to some claims. Well made down comforters consist mostly of down as opposed to feathers. The quills of feathers can become pricklier after cleaning. In comforters that consist of less than 80% down, you will notice the feather quills start to appear after a few cleanings.

How to Clean a Down Comforter at Home

1. Wait for a sunny day

2. Use cold water, wait to add clear detergent once the wheel is full. Do not add fabric softener.

3. Every few minutes open your washer and move the comforter around. If you are using a front load washer skip this step.

4. Extract the comforter twice. (After first spin turn the dial back to spin again)

5. Most home dryers won’t be able to dry your comforter immediately after it has come out of the washer. So find some clean sheets to cover the outside area you will be laying your comforter to dry. This is why we recommended waiting for a sunny day.

6. Take the comforter outside when the cycle has finished and lay it on the sheets. It is normal to see significant clumping of the down at this point.

7. Over the next couple hours loosen the clumps of feathers as it dries in the sun.

8. Take the comforter to the dryer. Air Fluff (No Heat) first then use low heat until the comforter is dry. You may want to use tennis balls or a pair of clean shoes at this point to help with mechanical action of the dryer to re-fluff the down.

Your comforter should now be ready to be put back into a clean duvet and used.



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