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Posted on June 20, 2018

Lori’s Veil

On March 3rd, an employee of my husbands approached him asking if he knew of anyone that could help her with her wedding veil.  She wore it 25 years ago on her wedding day, and now her daughter wanted to wear it on her wedding day which was just three months away.  The problem was that Lori never had the veil cleaned or preserved after wearing it; she simply stuck it in a plastic bag and stored it away, and now, sadly, the lace and sequins had yellowed to the point that it couldn’t be worn.

Of course, I knew someone that could help her; I just called Brian, and he fixed it.  Truthfully, it wasn’t quite that easy.  First, I failed to mention that she lives in Tennessee, so initially he had to offer expertise only by seeing photos.  After receiving the shipped veil, Brian had to disassemble it and hand clean each component separately.  Once he was satisfied with the results, the veil then had to be put back together and shipped back to Lori in time for her daughter’s first fitting on April 7th.

Lori’s reaction when she saw the veil?  More than pleased.  “I am so happy with my veil!” she exclaimed.  “It came out perfectly to match my daughter’s dress.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”  She went saying, “I am very grateful to you, Brian, and Shores Fine Dry Cleaning for bringing my veil back to life and making it look new for my daughter on her wedding day!”

Over the years, we’ve heard so many stories about how after the wedding the gown or veil was just stuffed away, inside a plastic bag in some closet or box, without being cleaned.  As someone who is guilty of such actions I can say, don’t do it.  Taking the time to have your gown cleaned and preserved immediately after the ceremony will save you lots of stress down the road – just ask Lori.  But if for some reason, you are right now looking at a dress or veil that you have your heart on wearing but are certain it is beyond repair, don’t give up hope.  Simply contact Shores – the Triad’s only Association of Wedding Gown Specialists accredited wedding dress cleaners – we can likely give it new life.

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