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Posted on September 20, 2022

Real Bride Spotlight – Kaysie Davis

In late March of 2021, my niece Kaysie called me to ask if I would go wedding gown shopping with her and her mom (my sister).  Of course, I said yes; after all, I am Kaysie’s aunt and godmother, plus she is my sister’s only child, and I have a son.  I offered to share tips to help her get started, but she had already done her homework.  She had a style in mind, photos of ideas, and made appointments at several local salons.

We spent Saturday, May 1, 2021, driving all over southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and northern Kentucky visiting salons and looking at what seemed like thousands of dresses.  In the end, what she thought she wanted wasn’t at all what she chose, so our advice of being open to suggestions from wedding gown experts is right on the money.

She purchased her dress from Opulence Bridal in Henderson, Kentucky a year before the ceremony which gave her plenty of time to order it and for alterations. Many bridal salons, like this one, have a seamstress they work with, but if your salon does not, you can always trust Shores to handle wedding gown alterations.  Something else this salon offered was cleaning and preservation after the ceremony.  She declined that service knowing we would only trust Shores to clean and preserve her gown.

Over the course of a year, Kaysie and Brian worked diligently to plan the perfect day.  They added personal touches like feet washing during the ceremony, personally greeting each guest before they left the church, a sit-down dinner with a vegan option, a donut board, and a sparkler sendoff.

Another thing we recommend is that the bride gives her gown to a trusted someone immediately after the ceremony, so it doesn’t sit in a closet dirty for months and months before finally being cleaned.  My sister and brother-in-law met the newlyweds at the airport the next morning for a honeymoon sendoff; Monica collected Kaysie’s dress and gave it to me as the trusted someone.  A few days later I contacted David King, manager of our High Point Shores location, and he took good care of us!

“The dress was in pretty good condition when it arrived at the store,” said David. “There were no significant stains or damage, and because it was made of polyester, it was easy to clean.  Most of all, the dress is absolutely pristine.  It’s now showroom ready.”

Her dress turned out beautifully, and now it is safely preserved in a museum-quality box ready for a someday bride.  Kaysie has a book of photos, courtesy of Shores, with her dress’s story as a memento of that once-in-a-lifetime day.  Finally, Shores has another satisfied bride who will get to see her dress on someone she loves sometime in the future.  If you are in the Triad area, drop your gown off at one of our three convenient locations, and if you are not, you can always use our nationwide bridal care services.

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