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Posted on November 9, 2022

Caring for Fleece

Autumn is in full swing, and that means cool morning temperatures.  I have been adding an extra layer of clothing, outerwear, especially in the mornings.  One of my favorites is a polar fleece jacket thanks to its warmth and soft, fuzzy feel.  I love fleece garments and jackets, but there are pros and cons to the fabric, and it does require diligence when it comes to care.  Here are a few facts and care tips when it comes to fleece garments.

  • Fleece is a lightweight but warm and soft fabric.
  • It has many of the same qualities as wool but at a fraction of the weight.
  • Fleece is categorized by weight, usually in grams per square meter while polar fleece is measured in thicknesses like micro, 100, 200, and 300 – which is the thickest and least flexible.
  • It holds less than 1% of its weight in water and retains much of its insulating qualities even when wet.
  • Because of the nature of the construction, fleece garments tend to pill during wear and handling.
  • In general, fleece garments can be either washed or dry cleaned, but whichever cleaning method you choose – it’s ideal to place this fabric inside a mesh bag to minimize further pilling.  Be sure to smooth the nap and improve the appearance by using a soft brush to finish.
  • Fleece readily generates static electricity, which leads to accumulation of lint, dust, and pet hair.
  • Fleece is a suitable alternative for those that have allergies or sensitivities to wool.

While I love soft, fuzzy, warm garments, I don’t always love the detailed care required to keep them in pristine condition.  That’s why I trust Shores Fine Dry Cleaning to care for my specialty garments, and fleece isn’t the only specialty fabric I’m talking about – my niece’s wedding gown, formal wear, crisp dress shirts, linen, and even team jerseys.  Stop by one of our three convenient locations, and Shores will care for your specialty garments too.

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